PK Web Store:  

Our web store has almost everything you need to keep your kitty happy and healthy.  We carry toys, beds, shampoos, cages, combs, brushes, room deodorizers and blankets.  We ship worldwide, and take the following credit cards:   Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.


Cage Service:

Our son, Joe, is in charge of the cage services for PK.  He travels to cat shows throughout the Midwest, upper South, and the International Show, setting up cages, judges rings, etc., and then tearing them all down when the show is done.  


Show Schedule:  

This is our show schedule for this year and part of next year.  As you can see, we are quite busy most of the year, with both product sales and cage service at the shows.  If you need information about any of these shows on our show schedule, you may find more information in the CFA Almanac or CATS Magazine.


Cat Show Info:  

Cat show information regarding upcoming shows in the  Cincinnati, OH - Columbus, OH - Dayton, OH -Wilmington, OH and Memphis, TN area.  These are shows that we are entry clerking for the coming year.  Includes show flyers when available, maps, on-line entry blanks and information on showing your household pet, which is great for first-timers!


  PK Pet Products started 33 years ago, selling pet food at local cat shows. We have raised and shown Exotics, Persians, Devon Rex, Manx, and even a Household pet or two, plus three fine (two-legged) sons!! The company has grown slowly through the years. Today, we are represented at about 27 of the Upper South, Mid-West and Great Lakes Region Cat Shows yearly. We sell products for both cats and their owners. Quality and good prices are our goals. Our products are the ones that our own cats use! If you need something, but are not sure exactly what you should get, contact us and we will help you decide WHAT you NEED and what you DON'T need! We can ship worldwide, too.


  For more information on some of the products and marketing services available through PK-Products please feel free to browse through our pages on the internet or stop by our booth at one of the many shows that we attend.

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