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Dayton Cat Fanciers, INC.

House Hold Pet Exhibitor Info.

November 10 & 11, 2018

Free Parking

The members of the Dayton Cat Fanciers appreciate your interest in coming to our upcoming show. The following suggestions should help make your experience an enjoyable one.


 To be eligible for competition, your pet cat/kitten should meet these MINIMUM requirements: 
Image Healthy and in good, clean physical condition.
Image Vaccinated against rabies, feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis and calici viruses.
Image Tested negative for feline leukemia.
Image Free of fleas, mites and fungus.
Image The claws should be trimmed or clipped within a few days before the show.
Image 4 months of age or older.
Image Cats over 8 months of age must be neutered or spayed.
 Cats or kittens not meeting these minimum requirements will be removed from the show hall until examination by a veterinarian declares the animal disease free. The veterinarians decision is final.
Prior to the shows deadline date for entry, return an official CFA entry form to the entry clerk accompanied by the appropriate fees. Detailed fee and address information is on the official show flyer. When filling out the entry form, answer with accurate information.


Leave the space for the CFA registration number blank.
In the absence of an accurate birth date, put the cats best estimate of age.  ( Month Year )
Your color class number is
0892 for MALES and NEUTERS and 0893 for FEMALES and SPAYS.
Do not feel obliged to make up the names of your cats parents or breeder. If they are not known, put "unknown".
Your region of residence can be obtained by phoning 732-528-9797. If you reside in Ohio or Kentucky, circle 4 Great Lakes. If you live in Indiana, circle 6 Mid West.
Image Check Non-Championship, Household pet
Special Requests: This section allows you to customize the benching space you will use to hold your pet between  Judging. Your entry fee entitles you to one opening cage sized 22x22x22.
A larger, two opening cage can be obtained by inserting "1" at the DOUBLE CAGE line. The fee for this extra space is listed on the official show flyer. The cage your cat will occupy is now 44" wide by 22"deep
A GROOMING SPACE is the same size as a double cage but without the cage (44"x22"). It functions as a table for grooming your cat. The fee for this extra space is listed on the official show flyer.
END OF ROW means that your cat will be benched at the end of a row of cages.
If you have a friend you wish to be benched near, write their first and last name on the line next to BENCHING. 
Image Be sure to sign the entry.


Before sealing your entry form, be sure you have attached your payment and signed the form. Review the information for completeness. Address the envelope to the ENTRY CLERK as listed on the official show flyer.


Image Plan to be at the show hall BEFORE CHECK-in hours close.

Have the following with you:

Image Your cat/kitten in a carrier.
Image Litter box that will fit into the benching cage.
Image Food for your cat.
Image 2 dishes, one for water, one for food.
Curtains for the cage. An easy suggestion is three to six bath towels and about a dozen safety pins.
Grooming supplies necessary to keep your cat in top beauty condition. Suggestions include a comb or brush and anti-static spray.
To obtain show rules, contact CFA, 260 East Main Street  Alliance, OH 44601  Phone: 330-680-4070  Fax: 330-680-4633;;
CFA Show Standards all Breeds may also be purchased CFA.


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